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Matin Sharafatkhah, MD

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Sackler School of Medicine
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American Board of Internal Medicine
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Doctor Speaks 
Doctor Speaks 

Dr. Matin Sharafatkhah is an Internal Medicine physician who specializes in endocrinology. He is based in Brooklyn, New York where he has affiliations with several hospitals. He has been a medical practitioner for twenty six years with extensive expertise in his field. He is respected as a skilled professional who has contributed to improvement of the health of his patients. Endocrinology specialists are not as common as in other subspecialties of Internal Medicine therefore his skills are sought out by many institutions. His practice is recognized to be one of the best in the region and a lot of patients have reaped the benefits.


Endocrinology as a sub-specialty of Internal medicine is the study, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are related to the endocrine system. This encompasses the secretion of hormones and the effects these biochemical substances have on the physiological functions of the human body. Matin Sharafatkhah, M.D. - Endocrinology physician is actively involved in the management of the common diseases that affect the associated glands. Hormone imbalances are treated to limit diffuse damage to all the body systems since the secretions are transported through the blood. The common diseases that are of concern include thyroid diseases, diabetes and poor production of sexual hormones. Poor growth, cholesterol dysfunctions, high blood pressure and even infertility are examples of conditions which may be as a result of poor endocrine functions.

This physician is mainly concerned with diabetes and its effects on metabolism and he is also considered to be an expert in diabetology. There are a high number of people who are affected by blood sugar conditions due to a variety of reasons. Dr. Sharafatkhah is actively involved in mitigating the risks of succumbing to these manageable illnesses. There is diagnostic equipment available as well as medications and protocols to ensure that an extended and healthy life is lived. Follow up procedures for individuals with chronic conditions are maintained and frequent checkups are done to detect underlying problems in a timely manner.

Education and Affiliations

Matin Sharafatkhah, M.D. – Endocrinology specialist received his medical training in Tel Aviv University Sackler and graduated in 1988. His residency in Internal Medicine was completed between 1991 and 1993 in the North Shore- Long island Jewish Health System. As per the requirements set for a subspecialty, he also attained his endocrinology qualifications through a fellowship in 1996 in the same institution. His main focus was on diabetes and metabolism which continues to be his primary interest. Dr. Sharafatkhah is licensed to practice in the state of New York and his hospital affiliations are with exceptional facilities including Flushing Hospital Medical Centre, Lenox Hill Hospital and New York Methodist Hospital. The practice works with other notable physicians in the area to make certain that the best care is received by the patients.

Various insurance covers are accepted and the best services in diagnosis and treatments are offered to patients. The doctor provides management options for hormonal problems and helps promote healthier lifestyles for his patients. Even with multiple locations and responsibilities, Dr. Matin Sharafatkhah gives excellent assistance to all his patients.

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