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Cristian Enescu, MD

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Dr. Cristian Enescu has extensive experience in medical practice and his specialty is neurology. He deals mainly with integrative neurology but he has been involved in various aspects of medicine over the 31 years in which he has worked with patients. His approach in his practice has made him one of the most skilled experts despite being in the field of neurology for only fourteen years. He is multilingual with notable fluency in French and Romanian. He practices in different states and has affiliations with some of the best hospitals within the country.
Cristian Enescu, M.D. – Neurology expert is respected in his field and has made significant contributions.


Neurology deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of different disorders of the nervous system. The physiological functions of this system control most of the body’s activities and Dr. Enescu treats these conditions that affect the brain, the spine as well as the nerves.
The number of people suffering from related diseases is high and the demand for solutions is high. Most of the diseases do not have specific medications that can be used to eliminate the symptoms but there are other treatments available including use of nutraceuticals. This doctor does not perform surgical work on the affected regions so when the procedure is required, a neurosurgeon is more qualified for such a role.

Dr. Christian Enescu uses treatment techniques that form the integrative neurology practice. It utilizes holistic methods together with the conventional general neurology procedures. The processes carried out are mainly in brain mapping, electromagnetic stimulation, replacement of neurotransmitters within the set protocol and monitoring neurofeedback. He integrates these with traditional and spiritual methods such as meditation, hypnotherapy and subliminal training of the mind. Though these may seem unconventional, his success in helping his patients recover is highly significant. 

Correction of addiction to depression, ADHD, OCD and other medications

He acts as a consultant for brain recovery for those suffering from common neurological dysfunctions and correction of other imbalances including depression, ADHD, OCD, dementia and insomnia among others. Behavioral problems such as addictions as well as traumatic brain injuries have also been successfully managed using similar approaches.

Education and Affiliations:
The medical training that Cristian Enescu, M.D. – Neurology specialist has received is extensive. He graduated in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania from the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy. His neurology training and residency took place in New York Medical College between 1996 and 1999. He has since then expanded his clinical interest in the multimodal approach to the evaluation and therapy of the brain. His main hospital affiliation is the Community Medical Center which is ranked nationally. He has professional licenses to practice in New York, New Jersey and Florida. 

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